The Suitsy Is A Business Suit AND A Onesie


Style, sophistication and comfort all in one.

As technology develops and we all become smarter, it seems like we’re all becoming way lazier too. If anything, the suitsy is defining proof of that theory.

It’s exactly what you might imagine it to be with a name like that: a business suit that is also a onesie. So basically you look like a complete G whilst you go out to work and go about your daily business, only you also feel completely comfortable and chilling and not all stuffy and sweaty like you would if you were actually wearing a suit. The best part is that your shirt never ever comes untucked because it’s a onesie and the second best part is that none of your dumb colleagues will ever be any the wiser.

So basically it’s pretty much a million dollar idea/invention, and any reservations you might have about it are dispelled in the video below. Worried about going to the toilet? No problem – there’s a bunch of zips. Worried about overheating? No problem, there are strategically placed air vents.The creator Jesse Herzog really has thought through all of it.

Of course, he needs money through crowd funding to make it a reality though, so throw him a bone if you want to see this available to buy anytime soon. Admittedly his promo video is pretty lame – this shouldn’t detract from the value of his amazing invention though as it really could revolutionise the lives of all you suits out there.


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