Doreen’s Story

The moving story of a lazy cow!

There comes a time when even the most hardened amongst us shed a tear for those less fortunate than ourselves, this is one of those times.

Doreen has been diagnosed with an illness which has recently been highlighted on shows such as The Jeremy Kyle Show.  Doreen is a lazy cow!

She tells us in detail how the inability to shift her lazy arse from the settee is hereditary and will be passed on to her children.  Doreen has tried to undertake some part time work in shoplifting but she cannot afford the overcoat to become full time.

The video below highlight’s Doreen’s emotional journey of her being a lazy cow, and how her agony is escalated by her having to open the envelope her benefits come in.

 Hopefully this video will go on to educate viewers of this misunderstood disease, and together we can make a difference.  If we can be arsed!


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