Police Rule This Man On Train With His Balls Hanging Out WAS NOT Breaking The Law (PHOTO)

Hello ladies.

As much as we like to bitch about the London Underground, we’re lucky that it’s nowhere near as grimey as the New York subway, where all manner of gross things are happening all the time.

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In fact the NYPD has plainclothes officers assigned to riding the subway all day so that they can bust gropers and whatnot.

However when one passenger noticed a man sitting in his carriage with his balls hanging out in the open, police said there was “nothing they could do.”

The passenger told Gothamist:

On Sunday, at around 7:00 p.m. I encountered a flasher on the 4 train from Grand Central to Union Square. The man was wearing short jean shorts that he apparently cut so that he would be exposed when he sat down. He was sitting down with his testicles out, resting on the subway bench in full view. There were a fair number of passengers on the train, including women and children.

I photographed the man so I could report him to the police. He apparently noticed me taking pictures, and lowered his unusually baggy t-shirt to partially cover his exposed genitals while they remained out of his shorts. It could be inferred that he wore this long shirt so that he could cover himself when standing, and while seated if he chose.

I reported the man to the 9th precinct, but the officers declined to write a police report. They said that unless he was overtly gesturing at me or masturbating, there was “nothing they could do.”


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Obviously, no one likes a pervert on public transport. People whipping our their dicks and masturbating in front of other passengers and harassing women and whatnot. It’s all very disgusting. Somehow though I don’t think the guy in this photo had any evil intentions. Behind that pixelated face is probably an old man who simply doesn’t give a shit how he presents himself in public anymore, and he damn sure doesn’t care if his balls are hanging out in the middle of the subway. It’s not that he’s a pervert, he just doesn’t care. If he was touching himself or looked rapey or whatever, then I’d say lock him up and throw away the key.

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