Stupid Woman Sends Front, Back And Side Pictures Of Herself To Her Car Insurers

Stupid Woman

Why would they possibly need those?

It’s a fairly common occurrence when you’re talking to your auto insurer and making a claim that you have to send them pictures of your car so they can verify the damage.

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As such, they might ask you to send pictures of your sides, rear and front. Almost everyone in the world would realise that that meant they wanted to see pictures of the sides, rear and front of your car.

Almost everyone. Step forward Susan Santos, who assumed that the insurer didn’t want pictures of her car but instead of herself. Here’s what went down:

Stupid Woman

Stupid Woman2

Ouch, what a straight up burn there from Eva huh? But honestly what the hell was this dumb woman thinking? What possible use could the insurance company have with some pictures of her from the front, back and side? I’m really struggling to think of this one.

The best part about it is that they aren’t even selfies, so not one, bu two people were dumb enough to think that the company wanted pictures of her and not her car. Where the hell do these morons exist?

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