These Stupid Robbers Broke Into An Escape Room Because They Thought It Was A Real Bank

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Robbing a bank seems like a situation where hundreds and hundreds of things could go wrong and you might not even get out of it alive, but first and foremost you expect the guys to actually be able to figure out where the actual bank is.

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Not so though apparently, as these bumbling idiots from Manchester have proven as they busted into an escape room thinking that it was an actual bank. Director Ian Pownall figured it must be because there were so many locked boxes in there, the thieves must have figured that there was something valuable in them instead of just more puzzles. Bet that was even more annoying than going to an actual escape room.

They did manage to make off with around £2000 though, which is probably way less than they thought there score was going to be. Here’s what Ian had to say about it all:

They were opening every drawer in there looking for cash. They couldn’t get through the locks so they had a drill and were unscrewing panels off their hinges.

It’s as if they thought it was a real bank. But obviously there was inside them just puzzles.

Maybe they hadn’t been in an escape room before or didn’t know what it was, but they looked completely bemused. There’s certainly an irony to it.

Locking things up is our profession so we’re pretty good at it, and we thought we were pretty secure. But they’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to get in. They’ve got through three big doors.

Obviously we’re gutted and really angry about it. It’s not really about the cash or even the damage, it’s the effect on business.

We’ve had to cancel bookings today and will now have to beef up security even more.

We’re not a big corporation, we’re a small, family owned business so even a couple of thousand pounds will have an effect on us, particularly before Christmas.

We rely on this business to pay our mortgage and our bills.

It’s just so stupid what they’ve done and the way they’ve gone about it. We just want them caught as soon as possible.

Yeah I don’t blame them it must be hella annoying for him this Christmas. You’ve also gotta think that the bank robbers aren’t too happy about it considering they got papped by over 50 CCTV cameras and only made off with two grand and will probably end up going down for it because it’s such massive news now.

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