Stupid American Guy Blows Leg Off By Shooting Lawnmower Full Of Explosives

Guy Blows Up Lawnmower, Blows Leg Off

Stupid is as stupid does.

Over in Georgia, a 32 year old guy called David Pressley thought it would be a good idea to fill up a rusty old lawnmower filled with an explosive mixture of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder called Tannerite and then shoot his gun at it.

Even though he appeared to be at a safe distance away from the lawnmower, this turned out to be literally one of the worst ideas in history. After the lawnmower exploded, a piece of shrapnel hit Pressley’s leg and literally blew it off. He’s recovering in hospital and preparing for the rest of his life with one leg now. Nice work.

You can watch a news report on the incident below. It includes the part where he actually blows his leg off and it’s slightly bloody (but not really) so if you are a bit squeamish maybe cover your eyes for that part:

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What an absolute idiot. Having said that, it does completely suck that he lost his leg but if you’re gonna be a stupid American guy who likes firing guns at lawnmowers filled with explosives then I suppose you have to deal with the consequences. I mean he can’t really blame anyone but himself for this can he?

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