Insane Stuntman Films Himself Attempting Absolutely Crazy Roof Gap Jump

Insane Stuntman Rooftop Leap

This is one hell of a gap, even for a stuntman.

If you believe the narrative of this video, then crazy stuntman Ethan Swanson woke up one day and decided to attempt jumping over a crazy roof gap near his apartment in Chicago, Illinois just for the hell of it, without any safety equipment, and decided to film it on his GoPro too just for the hell of it.

Of course, that probably isn’t what happened but it doesn’t make the jump any less ridiculous as Swanson jumps from one roof to another roof much lower down and then slides off it (it’s sloped) and somehow manages to land in a stairwell without completely fucking up his legs or arms. It’s pretty impressive however you look at it, just like this parkour run across the rooftops of Cambridge.


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