Introducing The World’s Largest Meal — Whole Stuffed Camel

Tuck in everyone – there’s enough whole stuffed camel to go around. It is after all the largest dish known to man.

This meal is so epic that for the longest time many considered it to be a myth. The calorific stuffed camel is very real however, and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest meal in the world.

The dish — known as “camel Turducken” – is popular in several Arab countries, particularly in Saudi Arabia. It involves taking one full-grown camel, emptying its insides, stuffing it with several whole lambs, about 20 chickens and plenty of fish.

The whole thing is then cooked over a pit of burning charcoal for 24 hours. Once that’s done, it can feed between 80 — 100 people and — according to cook book chef Sven Krause who prepared the dish for a Saudi sheik’s wedding — is best served with 12 kg of rice, 60 eggs, 2 kg of almonds and a shit load of water.

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