Study Finds That Looking At Boobs Helps Men Live Longer


Great news.

There are thousands of nice ideas about living longer and the things that you have to do in order to achieve this, but this is definitely the best one that I’ve heard yet.

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According to a website I’ve never heard of called MedicalDaily (good source), one of the secrets to living longer is looking at boobs and having lots of sex. Totally into that.

Here’s what the article had to say, along with the research to back it up:

Stare At Women’s Breasts

Men’s eyes tend to wander from a woman’s face down to her chest. Previously, it’s been reported men who stare at women’s breasts tend to live longer, but this has been debunked. However, Men’s Health provided a scientific explanation for why ogling at breasts could boost longevity for men.

They explained staring at breasts or looking at cute animals benefit a man’s health by creating a positive mindset. Pleasant emotions can help both men and women make better decisions about their health. A study in Archives of Internal Medicine found when participants were told to write down personal health goals — half of them were encouraged to think of positive thoughts when they got up in the morning and make regular self-affirmations throughout their day. After a year, positive thinking had a powerful effect on health choices: 55 percent of the patients with coronary artery disease increased their physical activity versus 37 percent in the control group; and 42 percents of those with high blood pressure followed their medication plan compared to 36 percent in the control group.


Have Lots Of Sex

If men need an excuse to have more sex, look no further than doing it for your health’s sake. A study in BMJ found sex could have a protective effect on a man’s health. Mortality risk was reduced by as much as 50 percent and life expectancy increased by three to eight years in the group who reported more orgasms. Sex helps promote physical well-being and can even be a stress reliever, therefore, reducing likelihood of illness.

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Certainly not complaining about any of that, although the rest of their article did also report that getting married and having kids is another way to prolong your life. Don’t personally think I’m quite as into that as the first two suggestions on their list, but I’m sure some people reading this can use those facts and studies to their advantage.

Of course, we can’t forget about this woman who claims that drinking beer every day of her life was the secret to her long life. Seems like all you need is beer, boobs and sex. Nice.


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