It’s Official: PIZZA Not MONEY Is The Best Way To Motivate Employees

Woman eating pizza at work

Turns out pizza is the best way to get people working.

A professor of psychology at the Duke University conducted a very important study recently, which might just shape how our bosses conduct motivational conferences forever.

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Dan Ariely discovered the best way to motivate employees is by giving them pizza. Could’ve worked that one out ourselves, but never mind.

To conduct the study, Ariely sent a text to three out of four workers at a factory in Israel that promised them specific rewards for their work. One group was promised a “Well done!” text message from the boss, another group promised a $30 bonus and another would get a voucher for free pizza. The fourth group was given nothing – unlucky.

people eating pizza

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Then the employees got to work. And guess what? The results showed that pizza was the best way to get people working, with the “Well done!” text coming a close second.

I’ve got to say that I’d probably put my money on the money bonus being the best reward but it turns out, people would much rather a cheesy treat at the end of their day.

Hopefully this study will be read by managers and bosses around the country and soon we will all be enjoying a delicious Domino’s during our team-building meetings. That will definitely get people working.


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