Study Shows Liverpool Has A Serious Greggs Addiction


Don’t we all.

A survey that looks into the statistics of Greggs bakery in each UK city has found that Liverpool is the area that loves the bakery best. And they love it by a landslide.

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According to the stats, there are far more branches of the franchise in this city than anywhere else in the UK, with 34 Greggs stores across Merseyside as a whole, including 21 in Liverpool.


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These figures might not mean much to you, but it basically works out that you are over 60% more likely to have a Greggs near you in Liverpool than the average place in Britain. Them stats don’t lie. Clearly Scousers have a penchant for sausage rolls and steak bakes.

And this can’t be just to do with the area being a big city – the figures also show that there are 4.4 outlets for every 100,000 residents, where as Britain as a whole only has 2.7 branches for the same amount of people.


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This suggests that Liverpool residents have a similar palette to Scotland, who share similar Greggs statistics. Good stuff. I’m with Liverpool here – you can’t beat those delicious little sausage rolls and they’re only 90p each. That’s a bargain if you ask me.

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