Study Shows Guys Only Use Condoms When Shagging Unattractive Chicks



A survey of a group of heterosexual men between the ages of 19 and 61 published in BMJ Open has found that a guy will decide whether to use a condom during casual sex or not depending on how attractive they find their lover.

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In general, the more attractive a woman is, the less likely the guy is to use protection, even if they had some inkling that the woman was at higher risk of having an STD.

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During the study a group of researchers in the UK asked 51 males about their sex lives, questioning about a range of experiences. The more hot a woman was, the more the guys were interested in fucking her and the less interested they were in using a condom. The researchers said:

Men who are more attracted to ‘riskier’ women are just as disinclined to wear a condom when they have sex with these women as men who are more attracted to ‘safer’ women.

Well there you have it – a guy is less likely to wrap up if they’re totally into a girl that they’re shagging lookswise. This doesn’t really bode well with the rising STD rates. So what’s the solution? Maybe just get guys to shag girls they consider to be unattractive. Sorted.

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