Study Suggests That If You Say These Five Things, You Are A Psychopath

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Psycho killer.

Although there are many psychopaths who walk among us – 1% of the population to be exact – it is often tricky to gauge the characteristics to spot one.

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However, more and more studies are coming out that define certain traits of a psychopath, making it easier to pick one out of the crowd. One of those studies has been created by Jackson MacKenzie, who has written a book about dealing with psychopaths. According to Jackson, there are certain phrases that psychopaths use on the reg. Check them out:

1. “You overanalyse everything.”

Accusations like this are designed to trigger guilt in a person rather than point out damaging behaviour. Jackson says:

Psychopaths aim to make you doubt your intuition by constantly planting hints to make you feel anxious and then blaming you for having that anxiety.

2. “I hate drama.”

Although this might make someone feel bad, Jackson says:

You’ll soon come to discover there’s more drama surrounding them than anyone you’ve ever known.

3. “You misunderstood me.”

If you hear this from someone like your boss for misinterpreting their instructions then they’re probably not a psychopath. However, someone who uses this regularly might be doing this to provoke you and then accuse you of getting it wrong. Jackson said:

This is called gaslighting – blatantly doing or saying something, and then blaming the other party for misinterpreting it (or denying that it even took place).

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4. “You’re so sensitive.”

Psychopaths will push you to breaking point and then call you sensitive for breaking. Jackson says:

Psychopaths manufacture emotions in others – it’s what they do.

5. “You’re crazy/bipolar/jealous/bitter/in love with me.”

Psychopaths have a tendency to brand everyone who has a crush on them as crazy.

If all of these behaviours apply to someone you know and you think that they might be a psychopath then Jackson has some advice for you:

This means no texts, calls, emails, or even Facebook friendships.

Otherwise, you can guarantee they’ll do anything and everything in their power to make you feel crazy.

And if they like these two songs then you definitely know that they’re a full on psycho.


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