This Lesbian Student/Teacher Love Affair Got Ruined By A Love Bite


Busted, big time.

I swear we post one of these stories every other week these days, and each time they’ve got some kind of unique spin on them.

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This time, we’re in West Wales at Carmarthenshire College where a 31-year-old art teacher named Nia Davies has been accused of having a lesbian affair with one of her teenage students. Apparently the two travelled to Bath and London to cover up the affair and would regularly have sex and make out in both hotel rooms and Davies’ house during their ten month involvement.

Presenting officer in the misconduct hearing Cadi Dewi said the following of Davies:

Concerns first came to light about the relationship when the girl’s father made a referral to her college.

He noticed she had marks on the side of her neck which he described as love bites.

He was then told by her sister that the girl was ‘seeing’ Davies.

The girl had previosuly mentioned her name in several conversations with her father.

The council say Davies’ conduct amounts to inappropriate misconduct, when you take into account her role as an educator and the girl’s role as a learner.


Davies has already lost her job because of the affair but was never formally charged by the police for the incident. She now faces being struck off as a result of the hearing.

The whole case is even more messed up because the girl previously admitted having sex and sharing a bed with Davies, but is now firmly denying it and saying that police and her family must have been mistaken in how they understood her words. Yeah right.

Who knows what’s going to happen, but judging by the school’s response, it seems like Davies will almost certainly be struck off as a result of this hearing, and it probably serves her right. For more of the same, check out these married teachers who both had affairs with pupils at the same time. Kinky.


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