Students Have Come Up With A Seriously NSFW Way To Get High (VIDEO)

Mountain Dew

Anything for the buzz.

Anyone who’s been to university will know that it’s basically just a three year long party with a few essays and exams thrown in.

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There is an opportunity to get off your little titties at every corner, but even with all of the substance options out there, students are still coming up with unique and bizarre new ways to get high.

Twitter user @lilbabybytch completely broke the barrier by becoming the first woman to buttchug mountain dew. According to these innovative students, the caffeine hits the bloodstream instantly when taken through the asshole, causing a jolt of energy. The girls even gave us a video demonstration:

It’s a shame we didn’t get to see the end result, but still – good effort. I’m sure it felt great, although the same probably can’t be said for the morning after.

Either way, if I had to choose between shoving a bottle of fizzy drink up my butt or inhaling deadly wheelie bin fumes, I would definitely go with the former. No brainer.


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