Watch The Moment A Student’s Dreams Are Crushed By His Disappointing A-Level Results

Liam results

This is painful to watch.

Every year when the A-Level results come round, the country turns into a bag of mixed emotions. While many people get the grades they are hoping for and secure a place in their university of choice, there are of course the unlucky camp who miss the mark and have to face a future of either attending a crappy second choice uni or no uni at all.

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It’s humiliating enough having to admit to your friends and family that you’re a failure but just imagine having the moment you come to that realisation broadcasted on live TV. That’s unfortunately what happened for this student who made the terrible mistake of opening his results card on ‘Good Morning Britain’. Before the opening he seems rather spritely, eagerly naming Queen’s University in Belfast as his number one choice. However, after opening his inadequate grades the poor kid can’t help but contain his disappointment:

Man, that was painful to watch, especially when that presenter reminds him that he’s got to go to Hull instead. We all know that Hull is a dump – there was no need to rub salt into the wound.


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