The ‘Overly Attached Girlfriend’ Has Sold The Meme As An NFT For $411,000

Holy shit.

I’m sure that even if you only have a casual interest in the internet that you’ve probably heard of an NFT in the past few weeks as everyone seems to be talking about them and it seems like there’s a lot of money/opportunity out there for people to get involved with them. It’s a real buzzword right now.

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If you haven’t heard of them or you’re unsure of what an NFT – Non Fungible Token for the uninitiated – then the best (and quickest) way I can describe it as a digital certificate authenticating one’s ownership of something. It’s in the blockchain or something so there’s only one version of it and therefore there can be no disputes.

It might sound stupid to you (it does) but it’s a big deal at the moment and everyone is jumping aboard it and some people are making some absolutely ridiculous money off them at the moment, which can be seen in the example of the ‘Overly Attached Girlfriend’. Laina Morris’s face was made into one of the most famous memes out there back in June 2012 when a Justin Bieber fan took a picture of her staring into her computer screen and it’s now netted her $411,000 after she listed it as an NFT up for auction.

Take a look below how it went down:

Ok so that doesn’t say how much it went for, but it’s being reported that multimedia company 3F Music bought it for 200 Ether and that’s roughly the equivalent of $411,000. Not really sure what 3F Music is all about – they describe themselves as one of the best and well equipped music studios in Middle East on Twitter, so I’m not really sure how or why they can spend that amount of money on an NFT of a notorious meme?

They’ve also recently purchased the NFTs of Bad Luck Brian and Creepy Chan’s 1 & 2 as well, so maybe they’re gonna bring out a new supergroup consisting of meme characters like Jive Bunny did back in the 90s!? Anyway, the takeaway from this is that NFTs are making people a lot of money so you should probably get involved. What have you got to lose?

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