Schoolboy Tries To Shoot Teacher ‘For Saying He Smelled Bad In Class Three Years Ago’ (VIDEO)


We can all think of that one teacher who humiliated us in front of the whole class all those years ago, but did your revenge fantasies ever involve stalking the teacher on a weekend and shooting them dead?

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Over in Guaratinga, Brazil, one 15-year-old schoolboy was hurting so bad from a comment a teacher gave him three years earlier, that he followed him into a coffee shop and tried to shoot him in the back of the head.

Just one problem though – the gun jammed and he ran away:

Jeez. The wildest part is that the teacher has no clue whatsoever that this kid is pointing a gun to his head and pulling the trigger. He’s sat there with his fiancée who bizarrely doesn’t say a word about it despite having a clear view of things. It was only when a witness at another table alerted him to what was going on that he realised his life was in danger.

According to Metro, it later emerged that the teacher had humiliated the boy three years earlier by saying that he smelled badly in class.

The child’s mum filed a complaint at the time asking the school to take action. I guess the action they took (or didn’t take) wasn’t enough because the lad decided to take matters into his own hands last Sunday.

Amazingly, the kid hasn’t been arrested but he has been called into the police station for questioning. I don’t know how badly he smelt on that day three years ago but you have to think there’s no smoke without fire. Should the teacher have made that comment in front of the whole class? Probably not. Might’ve been a good idea to pull the boy aside at breaktime, maybe slip him a can of Lynx and do him a solid that way. Either way, somebody had to tell him. It’s just the way the teacher chose to do it almost cost him his life. Moral of the story = don’t be a c*nt to potential school shooters.

For the teacher who was sacked after calling a student a ‘paedo’ because he teaches swimming after school, click HERE. Better than being assassinated by said student, I suppose.


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