Student Lies That Taxi Driver Raped Her After He Refused Kebab Soaked Money

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Sickening behaviour.

A student who had aspirations to be a police officer has been arrested after lying about being raped by a taxi driver.

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Sophie Pointon completely destroyed the taxi driver’s life after the fake rape accusation, which was sparked when he refused to accept a kebab soaked £10 note. It’s totally fair enough on his part and even if it weren’t, that’s no reason to start throwing false accusations about – that can destroy someone’s life.

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Apparently Pointon lied to the police saying that she had been attacked by the father-of-five. The victim, who is a devout Muslim, was tracked down by the police and kept in custody for six hours. He now says he has been religiously tainted by what was done and was shunned by friends in his community in Leeds.

The poor guy was even stripped of his taxi licence for four weeks and therefore was unable to make money for his family. During the court case, he said:

I am now extremely reluctant to take lone females in case I am accused again.

The girl who accused me is the same age as my own daughter – I cannot comprehend why she made this allegation.

I feel religiously tainted from this, and no help from the police or the courts can help that.

Friends stopped speaking to me and letting me in to their homes.

People in my community do not even want to be seen with me.

Poor guy. Hopefully he’ll soon be getting an apology from his friends after Pointon’s lies have come to light. During the court case, prosecutor Kate Bisset said how Pointon had been “extremely drunk” when she got into the taxi and had become angry when he refused the note that was covered in oil. A recording of the conversation between the driver and a phone operator at his taxi office supported this statement. Also, a GPS tracker on the car also revealed Pointon’s description of the taxi journey to be untrue.

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When the student was challenged by the police, she eventually broke down in tears and asked if she could drop the charges. She has since pleaded guilty to perverting justice and has been jailed for 16 months. Too right – anyone who makes fake allegations like that should be punished. She knew full well that it would destroy this guy’s life and also it’s damaging towards people who really have been abused. Hopefully the taxi driver can move on now. Looks like Pointon’s aspirations of becoming a police officer have been well and truly crushed.

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