Student Forgets To Turn Camera Off And Starts Having Sex During Online Class


I think I said it last week, but you would really expect people all over the world now to have realised if they’re gonna do something dirty during their online class or work meeting or whatever to double check that their camera isn’t on anymore, but sadly it seems like things are actually getting worse.

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The latest awkward clips comes from over in Brazil where a student studying to be a therapist forgot to turn her video camera off during her class and started having sex in front of the whole student faculty. Whoops. Take a look at it below:

OK so you can’t really see that much there but you can certainly see enough to realise how funny it is, especially if you’re trying to listen to your teacher explain some concepts about therapy or whatever. Kinda cool if you could just do that whilst you’re supposed to be in class though – just remember to turn your camera off next time FFS. It’s not even that hard you know.

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