The ‘Hackney Downs Shagger’ Has Has Spoken Out About What Happened For The First Time

Sex Platform Hackney Downs


Earlier on this year, a student was filmed having sex on the platform at Hackney Downs railway station by another passenger. The video went on for around 90 seconds and then the train came and they both boarded it, casual as you like.

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Of course, as with any video that features people having sex in broad daylight, it went viral and everybody actually loved it, but the star of it received a bit of a rude awakening when he was phoned by his mother to ask if it was actually him in the video. Dominic Richardson said the following:

I regret it. It was 90 seconds of madness.

I had no idea I was being filmed. I thought other people were too far down the platform.

The first thing I knew about the video was when my mum phoned me, asking me if it was me.

The British Transport Police tracked me down and fined me £170 for outraging public decency.

It’s not true that I only last 90 seconds though – we were interrupted because the train showed up. We were able to finish up back at the flat.

Player. Still, I imagine it was kinda awkward when his mum phoned him up to discuss that with him. Doubt that she could have been too impressed with that, although I suppose it’s kind of cool to have a kid who has gone viral on the internet.

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