A Student Has Discovered A Rare Double Barrelled Banana

Never even knew these existed.

It’s always fun when someone discovers a massive crisp or giant grape or something and now it’s the turn of something I’ve never even heard of before: the double barrelled banana.

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The exotic fruit was discovered by 24 year old student Tom Symes, who picked up the giant banana in a regular bunch of bananas from his local Tesco. He at first thought that its increased size might have been because of spiders laying eggs in it or similar, but was relieved to find that it was just because it was a double barrelled banana. Phew.

Here’s what he had to say about the experience:

I was immediately astonished by its girth. Upon opening, it was revealed to be a double banana in one skin.

I was surprised and dumbfounded at first.

I thought it might have been a bit rotten so I was glad to see there were no spiders’ eggs inside.

I didn’t realise what I had in my basket until I got it home. When I opened it I saw that the bit where they joined in the middle was really weird. It was completely flat.

I was sceptical about eating it, but then I thought “waste not want not” and I gave the other one to my mum.

We found it funny at first, but then realised it was still just a banana at the end of the day.

I felt bad for not preserving it. Nature does weird things, I’m sure there’s weirder than this though.

After I opened the double banana someone told me it was good luck, but I didn’t get any good luck from it.

In fact, that weekend a seagull pooped on my head on a trip to Brighton. It was hardly the best of luck. But then again, that’s supposed to be good luck too.

Looks like he’s looking on the bright side hey?

Apparently twins can occur in fruit as well as animals and roughly 5% of bananas will come out as double bananas, so this perhaps isn’t as rare as we might think. Kinda crazy that I’ve never even heard or seen of one with a percentage like that but that’s nature I guess hey? Wild.

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