Angry School Girl Annihilates Classmate With BRUTAL Chair Smash

This is the most savage thing I’ve ever seen happen in a classroom.

Not since that time The Rock bashed in Mick Foley’s skull with like 12 chair shots in a row have I seen anyone use a chair with this much savagery.

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Watch as the girl carefully picks her moment to strike, and does so with pure brutality:

Ouch. The person I feel sorry for most though is that teacher. So close to the Christmas break, you think everything’s smooth sailing, and then BOOM — one of your students scrambles the other one’s skull with a chair shot.

Like the guy who Tweeted this says though — how do you smash someone with two chairs shots and then lose? Good thing the Christmas break’s round the corner because that girl wouldn’t have been able to show her face around school for a while after that. D- to everyone else in the class room for failing to get involved. Not even one “Worldstar” shout? Come on kids.

P.S. Remember that teacher who challenged his student to a fight and got instantly KO’d? Brutal stuff.


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