Watch This Student Absolutely Annihilate Neo-Nazi With One Simple Question



You all remember Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer right? He’s the head of the Institute for Policy, a far right and racist group… he’s also the guy who got punched not once, but twice on camera for being a racist dick.

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In a more recent video, he’s seen debating with students at Auburn University, Alabama. According to reports, he had rented a hall at the uni and his speech was faced with protests by students at the uni.

Student Morgan Buckles who claims to be the one behind the camera said that Spencer and his supporters would speak over or cut out others when they tried to talk. However, one feisty student was having none of it, and she managed to completely and utterly decimate him during her time on the mic. Hit it:

In case you didn’t hear that, her first question was:

My question is how are white people more racially oppressed than Black people, because I’m a Black Woman at a predominantly White institute and I want to know what challenges you all face that I don’t?

Followed by:

How did it feel getting punched in the face at inauguration.

Mic drop. Bet he was reeling after that. Hats off to that student – she made him look like even more of a twat than he already is.

For more Nazis getting punched, click HERE. So satisfying.


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