‘Nazis Gettin’ Punched’ Is The Best Page On The Internet Right Now


This will never get old.

There’s no doubt about it – Nazis suck. Real bad. They should never have been allowed to commit such atrocities in WW2 and they should not be allowed to now spew their racist views across the internet.

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That’s why when one gets punched, you can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of delight. There’s nothing better than seeing a racist get what they deserve. No one understands this better than the maker of the Tumblr page ‘Nazis Gettin’ Punched’. It pretty much does what it says on the tin:

A satisfying repository of images, still or in-motion, actual or fictional, featuring those who espouse Nazi ideology being struck by mighty but non-lethal blows.

So far the page features quite an eclectic mix of images, gifs and videos. Take a look for yourself:

Nazi punch 14 Nazi punch 13 Nazi punch 12 Nazi Punch 11

Nazi punch 10 Nazi punch 9 Nazi punch 8 Nazi punch 7 Nazi punch 6 Nazi punch 5 Nazi punch 4 Nazi punch 3 Nazi punch 2 Nazi punch 1 Nazi punch

Lovely stuff. I love how they haven’t discriminated against any art form. Movies, photography, art, illustration – just any Nazi getting punched is satisfying in itself.

For more Nazis getting punched, click HERE.


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