Stripper Sexes Obese, Dying HBO Executive Into Leaving Her Everything In His Will

Pure savagery.

It’s a story as old as time – a sneaky stripper managed to convince an obese, alcoholic HBO executive to leave her his life savings shortly before his death, a court heard today.

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31-year-old Veronica Beckham is accused of manipulating 50-year-old Micky Liu, whom she knew only for a few months, into naming her as the beneficiary on his 401(k) account, retirement plan and life insurance policy worth $223,000. The pair had met at a Scores strip club in Atlantic City in July 2014 and kept in contact even after she stopped working there and left the city. She moved back to New Jersey and lived with Micky in his flat for a month before his death, during which he decided to leave her all his life savings in his will.

Micky, an IT director for HBO who lived alone, was suffering from heart disease, diabetes and chronic alcoholism when he died last March aged 50.

Micky’s sister May says:

Beckham, as a professional exotic dancer, was adept at applying and using coercion and manipulation upon men.

May wants Veronica to return her brother’s money.

There’s always one person who’s going to take things a little too far at the strip club. Not only blowing more money than he really should but also trying to turn his favourite stripper into his girlfriend. That’s exactly what happened to Micky Liu here. Except he didn’t just make her his (imaginary) girlfriend — he put her in his flipping will, which is just something any sane, rational-thinking person would not do. Not nice to say this about a dead person but facts are facts — the guy got well and truly played like a fiddle.

Still at least he actually met the girl, unlike this guy who got scammed by three ‘girlfriends’ he met online.


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