Stripper Falls 15 Feet And Breaks Her Jaw, Carries On Twerking Like Nothing Happened (VIDEO)

The ultimate pro.

I’m pretty sure strip clubs do not offer health insurance, so that’s bad news for this pole dancer who broke her face at XTC Cabaret over in Texas this weekend.

Genea Sky was hanging off the top of the two-storey high pole when suddenly she lost her grip – but then styled it out like an absolute pro:

Wow, what a recovery! Classic ‘show must go on’ mentality even though the poor girl reportedly broke her jaw, sprained her ankle and cracked some teeth.

Scary thing is could have been even worse – I mean look how high up she was:

To fall flat on her face from that height and just immediately roll over to start twerking again is unreal. Just powered through the pain like it was nothing. Well OK the shock probably helped numb the pain but still very impressive to see.

Genea shared this video offering an update on her condition:

What a damn trooper. Let’s hope she gets well soon and I’m sure if she set up a GoFundMe to pay for her medical bills it would rack up the funds in no time. Speedy recovery!

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[h/t The Post Millennial]


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