25 Weirdest Japanese Inventions That Actually Exist



Some of these are admittedly quite clever, but just so damn impractical and ultimately unnecessary. Still, you have to admire the efforts – they must have seemed like great ideas at the time.

Let’s run through the 25 weirdest Japanese inventions that actually exist:

Super umbrella

1 umbrella rain avoider

Audio ear enhancer

2 ear enhancer

Easy ear explorer

3 easy ear explorer

Baby floor cleaner

baby floor cleaner

Anti-rape disguise

anti rape disguise

Banana slipcase

banana slipcase

Book-shaped pillow

book shaped pillow

Butter grater

butter grater

Dustpan slippers

dustpan slippers

Extendable selfie arm

extendable selfie arm

Eye drop precision

eye drop precision

10 in 1 gardening tool

gardening 10 in 1 tool

Hug pillow

hug pillow

Girlfriend pillow

leg pillow

Metro chin stick

metro chin stick

Mobile toilet paper

mobile toilet paper

Never-ending bubble wrap

never ending bubble wrap

Noodle-eater hair guard

noodle eater hair guard

360 degree panoramic camera

panoramic camera 360 degree

Public transport helmet

public transport helmet

Silent karaoke

silent karaoke

Solar energy lighter

solar energy lighter

Sound catcher pillow

sound catcher pillow

Umbrella tie

umbrella tie

Wedding countdown

wedding countdown

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