This Dude’s Streetfighting Getup Is The Definition Of Tweaked (VIDEO)

Don’t mess.

If ever you’re in the unlucky situation that you’re actually going to get involved in a streetfight, then there’s always that moment before you launch into where you’re both squaring each other up.

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In that brief period of time, it’s probably helpful to look as crazy as possible to try and deter the other guy from stepping up to you. In this respect, the guy in the video below is the absolute master.

I’ve got no idea where this video is from or where they found this guy, but his outfit is absolutely crazy. He’s wearing two hoodies – the outer one being a bright shade of pink – has one glove on, a scarf wrapped halfway around his neck and a key between his knuckles with which to stab you. Guy has basically nailed it completely and you can understand why the guy looking to fight him backs away, especially with the monologue he comes out with too:

Yeah, can’t blame the guy for moving on. Dude looks like the kind of guy you might find in Arkham Asylum, who just might snap at any minute and absolutely pulverise you. Smart to keep him at arm’s length, that’s for sure. Totally inspirational when it comes to dreaming up an outfit for my next fight though.

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