Strangler Used Air Freshener To Cover Up The Smell Of His Brother’s Corpse

Air Freshener

Bit of Air Wick Summer Delights will do the job.

Juhel Ahmed has been sentenced for killing his brother and covering up the corpse for a week in the house he shares with his bed-ridden mother in East London.

The 30-year-old claims that he strangled his brother, Ruhel Ahmed, in self-defence after his sibling bit one of his little fingers off, taking sibling arguments to a whole new level.

Up to now, Juhel has claimed that he did not realise his brother was dead until the corpse started to smell. But this alibi is quite obviously a lie in light of new information that Juhel had put the corpse in bed, covered it with a plastic bag and regularly used air fresheners to hide the smell from carers coming into the apartment.

Another damning bit of evidence is that the killer had researched ‘self-defence’ on the Crown Prosecution Service website after the incident. Should have gone incognito man.

Air Freshener

Obviously the Old Bailey jury saw straight through this and has convicted Juhel of murder — he faces life in prison, which the court will confirm next week.

I reckon this guy has a pretty strong case to plea for insanity — I mean, what did he think he was going to do with the corpse? Just let it disintegrate in his tiny little London flat and then shove a bit of Febreze on the bed linen? Pretty clear someone was going to clock on sooner or later.

At least this guy only went in on his brother — could’ve gone the whole hog and murdered his entire family like this man who did it because he didn’t like his son’s haircut. That must have been a really shit stylist.


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