Stranger Things 3 Is Getting A Really Cool Retro Video Game Tie In

Stranger Things 3 Video Game

The episode names for the third series of Stranger Things were released yesterday and we all got vaguely excited about the new series, even though this isn’t really giving us any information and we still don’t really know when it will be showing up either.

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What we do know as well though is that the third series is getting a pretty cool looking retro video game tie in which will probably be available around its release date. The game was unveiled at the 2018 Game Awards and looks like it will be played in an isometric format with co-operative gameplay lovingly rendered in pixel art, with both Joyce Byers and Jim Hopper being available as playable characters.

Here’s the first trailer:

That bit at the end was a bit silly, but other than that the game looks like it’ll probably be a lot of fun with Hopper and Joyce looking like they have to break into the mall and beat everyone in their way up in order to rescue the kids. Can think of worse gimmicks for a game.

Stranger Things 3 will be released on PS4, XBoxOne, Nintendo Switch, Mac and PC – as well as a streamlined version for mobile users – and we can probably expect it to show up whenever the third series shows up. I’m guessing around Easter to be honest, but don’t hold me to that.

For more Stranger Things, check out the episode titles of the third series. It’s pretty useless information but I’m sure you’re gonna click anyway.


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