Strange Man Randomly Attacks News Crew In Nashville, Tennessee (VIDEO)

Nightmare fuel.

Two people working for WSMV in Nashville, Tennessee, were randomly attacked by a strange fat man who just turned up on the scene and started wailing on the cameraman and falling over.

Reporter Caresse Jackman was working on a story in front of Napier Elementary School when the man showed up out of nowhere ready to wreak havoc:

How weird was that? Almost like an animal attack video the way he wouldn’t say anything and just kept lunging at people like a big drunk bear. They even talk to him like he’s a stray dog that just showed up and started attacking people – “Go away! Stop! Don’t!”

Fair play to the news crew for their patience because they had every right to retaliate. Then again I guess he had that part covered because he kept falling over all the time by himself. Amazingly, police are still looking for the guy because he somehow managed to get away. I suppose “fat alcoholic on the rampage” isn’t too much of an emergency in this day and age.

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