Plans For A ‘Straight Pride Parade’ To Be Held In 2019 Are Drawing Online Ridicule

Oh boy.

Just to be clear from the beginning, I, as a straight male, fully support straight people. Controversial, I know.

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I mean they have their flaws just like LGBT people or any other group/individual because as we all know, nobody is perfect. But we all have our positive qualities too. For example, straight people mate with the opposite sex, which helps create life. I think from a biological perspective, that’s quite a good thing.

That being said, is there any point whatsoever in holding a ‘straight pride parade’ other than to troll people who aren’t straight?

Think about it. These ‘pride’ parades are meant to be a bit of fun. It just seems like the only people who would organise/attend a ‘straight pride parade’ are incels, Tommy Robinson supporters and middle aged dads in fanny packs. Not to mention it’s going to be an absolute sausage fest. I don’t know how that’s going to compete with the pomp and spectacle of the original Pride parades. Let’s be real – it’s going to be an underwhelming and ultimately unnecessary embarrassment by comparison.

This girl on Twitter sums up the ridiculousness of it perfectly:

And some more reaction:

So yeah, it just seems like anyone who’d push for or attend a straight pride parade is just as annoying and moronic as the whiny activist types we get so much of these days. Good luck to them if they actually go ahead with it, but I reckon it’s best we leave the pride parades to the people who know how to do them right.

P.S. Wonder if the anti-gay politician who was caught giving a dude a handjob at Coachella will be in attendance?


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