This Story About Dave Chapelle Reacting To A White Privileged Woman Heckling Him Is Truly Inspirational


There are a lot of stories going around about white privilege and Black Lives Matter in the past couple of weeks, but this one about Dave Chapelle getting heckled by a white woman at a New York comedy club is definitely one of more inspiring that I’ve come across.

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Let’s just dive right into it:

Wow. What a powerful story – I almost had a tear in my eye – and it just goes to show how that with the right reaction, information and composure you can turn a potential meltdown and riot into a massive win for everyone involved. Sure, it helps that the person at the middle of this was Dave Chappelle who is a massive activist and expert orator, but even so it still illustrates how you can take a negative situation like this and turn it into a positive with compassion and understanding. Try and think about that next time you’re faced with a similar issue.

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