This Dude’s Story Of His Coke Addiction Is WAY More Brutal Than You’d Imagine

Coca Cola

This is savage.

We all know that sugary drinks aren’t good for us, but on the occasional hangover (from drinking booze, which we also know isn’t great for us) it’s the only cure.

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But what happens if you’re drinking eight cans or more of the stuff each and every day? A dude called Mike found out the hard way, after he spent weeks on end dealing with the horrific side effects of going cold turkey, following a seriously bad coke addiction. And yes, I’m talking about the drink, not the powder:

Ooft. It makes you realise that just because something is legal, it doesn’t make it safe to consume, particularly not on that scale. Coke is full of sugar, caffeine and chemicals that are really bad for the human body – if you’re going to drink it at all, drink it in moderation.

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