Share A Coke Campaign Backfires As Coca Cola Accidentally Promotes Doing MDMA

Coke With Molly

Don’t they know that they call MDMA Molly over in the states?

If you’ve been in a store recently or watched TV or seen any billboards, then you’ve probably seen Coca Cola’s new advertising campaign – the whole share a Coke thing with people’s names written on Coke cans. For the most part it’s everywhere and seems to have caught on, so mad props for that and mad props to whoever came up with it for Coca Cola.

No mad props for this next part though, although most of the American ravers out there who are reading this site (probably hardly anyone, right?) will probably think it’s pretty awesome. But then they also probably think that EDM is a cool name for a genre of music too.

In any case, over in America the slang term for MDMA is Molly for some reason. I don’t know why – MDMA sounds way cooler (even if Madonna did rip off it off with her album MDNA) and Molly just sounds completely lame but hey I’m not American and it stuck over there so don’t blame me.

You would think that one person in Coca Cola’s marketing team would have known this – not necessarily from personal experience but maybe from listening to rap music or something – but no, they didn’t and now we can see this on the side of buses, coke cans and billboards all over the world.

To be fair, it’s probably a bad idea to have a coke with MDMA because you’re already going to be rushing your tits off from the MDMA you don’t want your heart to pump any faster from the coke. It would also be a pretty weird flavour – although maybe not as weird as these top ten actual really weird coca cola flavours. They had better watch out or some idiot might try and sue them.

Coke With Molly


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