Stormzy Stopped His Gig In Ibiza To Watch The England Penalty Shootout And Then Dropped The Bass (VIDEO)


Wait for that drop.

Nobody really expected England to do well at this World Cup given our past disappointments and as such most of us have been in a situation where we’ve already committed to plans months ago only to find out that they’re on at the same time as an England match. Absolute wounder.

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Some people I know have been able to get out of these, some people haven’t. I for one was on a plane during England Panama which is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever done in my life looking back at it. What an idiot.

One guy who can do whatever he wants and pull it off with a healthy amount of style though is Stormzy, who had foolishly agreed to play the Merky Festival in Ibiza at the exact same time England were playing Colombia. Unable to miss the penalty shootout, Stormzy decided to stop the gig and whack it on a big screen for everyone to watch, before seamlessly dropping into his hit ‘Big For Your Boots’ once Eric Dier had converted the winner:

That’s showbusiness man. Of course, it could have all gone wrong if England didn’t win the shootout, but as it stands it was probably the best way to celebrate ever as the euphoria of England actually winning a shootout was accompanied by a whole bunch of fireworks, confetti cannons and a filthy bassline.

Looks like it’s popping off and probably would continue to do so all night. Makes your celebration of staying down the pub for an extra pint with your mate look a bit tame now, doesn’t it?

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