Stormzy Just Donated £9000 To A UK Student So She Can Study At Harvard


What a guy.

Crowdfunding is one of the best ways to get what you want without actually doing anything these days in the hopes that the kindness of strangers will get you where you need to go.

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This was the only option available to 21-year-old Fiona Asiedu, an Oxford University student who took to the internet to try and Crowdfund her £12,000 tuition fees so she could go and study a masters in human development and psychology at Harvard University. She gave herself four weeks to make the target, but incredibly reached her goal within 20 hours, mainly thanks to one donation from none other than Stormzy himself.

The reason for the donation seems to be simple – Stormzy visited the Oxford University’s African and Caribbean society last year of which Fiona is the Vice President of and clearly the two struck up a friendship. I imagine it’s based on mutual respect because Fiona herself was at first hesitant about going to study at Oxford because “people like her don’t go to Oxford” (she grew up in Tulse Hill, South London) and she felt like she would be uncomfortable and not enjoy herself. However, after completing her studies, she said that it was the best decision she had ever made and now she plans to challenge even more societal norms by continuing her journey at Harvard.

Stormzy is clearly an advocate of this kind of behaviour and figured he would help her with the one obstacle she couldn’t overcome herself – the fees. Job done and what a great story for everyone involved. Respect, and good luck to Fiona in her degree.

For more Stormzy, check out the details of his upcoming collaboration with Louis Theroux. You know that’s gonna be good.


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