The Storm Area 51 Event Is Now A Music Festival Called ‘Alienstock’

Performers ‘big and small’ are lined up to play.

I’m fairly certain you will be aware of the fact that earlier this year some kid made a Facebook event imploring people to storm Area 51 on September 20th this year so we could see them aliens and that it went massively viral to the point that about 4 million people were interested in it, and I’m sure that you’ll be at least somewhat interested about what’s actually going to go down on that date.

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Unfortunately, the inventor of the group is no longer behind the movement – I think the feds might have got to him – and has instead decided to organise a music festival called Alienstock for the weekend of September 20th instead. 20 year old Matty Roberts revealed his plans for the festival to

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We got approved for our final frikken permit!

The only word from the base so far is the Airforce spokeswoman basically saying its a live training ground for the US Airforce and trespassing is strongly discouraged.

Really though it amazes me how smoothly this has gone, I think the majority of Lincoln County is just very excited to be part of something global like this, and pieces just keep falling into place.

We have performers lined up both massive and small ones local to me and my planning partner.

The event itself will be free, all we’re planning to charge for is parking and camping spaces.

I’m so excited for this thing man, it’s the biggest thing I’ve ever done and it’s so cool!

I mean I suppose that could be kind of cool if people actually show up, but I’m kinda sceptical that anyone will if it’s happening in literally three weeks and no acts have even been announced yet. Everyone who’s ever organised an event knows that the number of people saying they’re showing up on Facebook means literally nothing and that’s especially true when the original event was a joke and doesn’t really have any relation to the one that’s happening. And that’s before we even factor in how annoyed everyone’s going to be that they’re not actually even storming Area 51.

Good luck to the guy but I can’t really see this being anything except for an abject failure. Sorry dude.

For more of the same, check out this realistic video game simulation of the raid. Not looking good for people if they actually decide to go through with it.


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