Vigilante Russian Kids Punish Asshole Drivers With ‘Stop A Douchebag’ Campaign

Stop A Douchebag Campaign

They block people driving on footpaths by standing in front of the vehicle and then stickering their windscreens. It often turns violent.

In Russia, there literally aren’t any rules of the road. We’ve seen this in numerous dash cam videos and having been driven around the country myself I can confirm that this is 100% true – I don’t think I’ve ever been that fearful for my life whilst in a moving vehicle.

I didn’t witness this particular problem but apparently there’s a massive issue over there with drivers tearing down pedestrian footpaths in an attempt to avoid the traffic on the roads. Obviously this can lead to death and injury, especially when people drive like they do in Russia.

Thankfully, a group of kids in Russia have started the aptly named ‘Stop A Douchebag’ campaign, where they stand on these footpaths that are often driven down and block the way of vehicles that try to get down them and confront the drivers. If they reverse back then they let them go, if not they whack a sticker that says  ‘I’m an asshole I drive where I want’ on their windscreen – it looks like it’s very hard to get off.

What’s even better is that they film all this and get into awesome confrontations with the drivers which often turn violent. Russians eh? Make sure you stay tuned right until the end for a real twist.


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