This Stoner’s Unreal Weed Challenges Will Completely And Utterly Blow Your Mind

custom 420

Probably best you don’t try these at home.

You might think you’re big in the bud game, but you can’t be on this guy’s level.

The guy in question is weed connoisseur, Joel Hradecky, who has set up his own YouTube channel dedicated to outlandish weed challenges. The channel is called CustomGrow420, and it’s attracted over 600,000 subscribers already thanks to his brutal marijuana Olympics, as well as his Bill and Ted lingo.

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Watch him and his mates get progressively more ruined as the challenge goes on. Mind his annoying demeanour at first, you’ll come to see they’re just all about the piff:

We should probably hit you with the usual caveat of ‘don’t try this at home’ about now, but considering how much pain ‘Jolie Olie’ gets him and his mates in, you probably don’t need a warning.

Jolie Olie is a weed connoisseur like no other. The only other guy I can think of who’s knowledge and commitment is on a remotely similar footing is this guy, who lists the five strains of weed he believes should be treated like a fine wine.

Check em’ out – maybe you’ve tried them.


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