Stone Cold Steve Austin Is Releasing His Own Craft Ale

you wanna try Ausin’s IPA gimme a HELL YEAH!

During WWF’s attitude era, Stone Cold Steve Austin was the elegant purveyor of two cans: Steveweisers, and whoops.

Now the toughest S.O.B. in the WWF is opening up a new venture, into the craft ale industry.

After an interview on his (incredible) new podcast with Rob Croxall of the El Segundo Brewing Company, Austin and Croxall embarked on a mission to create the ultimate India Pale Ale.

But don’t expect The Texas Rattlesnake to be rocking one of those painful-on-the-eyes topknots or shaving with a cut-throat any time soon, because this ain’t no bespoke commodity of artisan hipster decorum.

Stone Cold Beer

This is Steve Austin’s Broken Skull IPA.


This is ‘ One Bad-Ass Beer’.


This is 6.7%abv of the damn finest mix of hops you ever done seen.

And I guess that’s the bottom line.

If you old school wrestling heads want to realise your true age, check out this photo of Shane McMahon taken at the spectre premier this week.


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