Shane McMahon Attended The Spectre Premiere And Damn It’s Weird Seeing Him As An Old Man

Remember Shane McMahon? Here’s what he looks like now.

OK, old man is an exaggeration, but man is it weird seeing Shane McMahon at 45 years old, for the first time in what seems like bloody ages.

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Vince McMahon’s son cut ties with the wrestling world years ago to go and do his own non-wrestling thing over in Japan, but it looks like he’s still got mates in the business as he attended the Spectre premiere alongside Batista, who’s starring as one of the villains:

It’s just one of those pictures which reminds you that YOU’RE getting old because it feels like yesterday Shane was this young dude getting thrown off ladders and suplexed on his head through giant windows, even though he’s a billionaire’s son who doesn’t need to do any of that:

That’s the only Shane I want to see — not this fat dude with grey hair taking it easy at movie premieres.

That being said — would love to see the guy make a comeback and spruce things up a bit as we all know WWE has been kinda shit recently. Who knows — he might even show up at Wrestlemania 32 in April (unlike someone else we know who keeps saying he is).


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