Steven Seagal Has Been Deemed ‘Too Dangerous’ To Enter The Ukraine

Steven Seagal


When you think of Steven Seagal, you think of a tough action star that beats the shit out of anyone that he comes into contact with, so is it really that surprising now that whole countries are banning his presence as he’s being deemed too dangerous?

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No, it hasn’t surprised me in the slightest, although perhaps the actual definition of how he’s dangerous has. Seagal has been banned from the Ukraine for the next five years with the country offering the following explanation:

Ukrainian Letter

Yeah OK, I don’t understand Ukrainian and I can’t find an accurate translation of it either, but it’s essentially due to the fact that Seagal is basically in love with Russia and best mates with Putin. Some of the things that Seagal has got up to in Russia in the past twenty years are absolutely ridiculous; his blues band played in the Crimea at a concert put on by a pro Putin biker club, he rode a horse in a suit of armour at the Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan and ate carrots with Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus, before he recently started bro-ing down with Putin and was granted Russian citizenship.

With that in mind – and the fact that Seagal found Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine ‘perfectly reasonable’ – is probably why the Ukraine have decided to blacklist him. They also banned Gerard Depardieu and a bunch of Russian celebrities who have been outspoken against the country too. It makes sense.

No news if Steven Seagal was even trying to go there – probably not – but it must still be kind of hurtful that he’s banned right? I suppose if you’re flaunting opinions like that all the time you’ve gotta be ready to pay the price as well.

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