Meet Steven Ogg — The Real Life Trevor From GTA V

The actor who plays Trevor in GTA V bears more than slight resemblance to his animated counterpart.

“My first day of shooting was one of the most graphic and violent acts, so it set the bar. I was never concerned because it’s acting — it’s the same thing as when I was 12-years-old pretending I was a British soldier with a gun and bayonet in the theatre — it’s play.”

On if he was inspired by other actors in his portrayal of Trevor:

“Tom Hardy’s performance in Bronson was certainly an influence. He was able to walk that line of psychopath and entertainer while maintaining his sense of humour in some pretty dark places.”

On whether Trevor’s physical appearance is based on him:

“The entire performance was motion captured — so (my) face, body and voice were all recorded to help make Trevor. Take any performance you see on television or in the movies — motion capture it — and that is essentially what Rockstar did with us actors.”

As a bonus, here’s a shot of the real-life Trevor hanging with the real-life Franklin and real-life Michael:

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