Steven Avery’s New Lawyer Is Already Debunking The Case Against Him Via Twitter

Kathleen Zellner Steven Avery

She’s only been on the case a week.

Steven Avery finally got some good news last week when Kathleen Zellner announced that she had taken on his case. Zellner specialises in overturning wrongful convictions and has already got 17 other men out of jail for crimes they didn’t commit and also awarded them millions in compensation. She’s basically the best thing that could have happened to Avery.

And it doesn’t seem like she’s shy of using social media either, as she’s already started poking holes in the case against him that had not yet been thought of by anyone. Check it out:

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Wow. And that’s after literally working on the case for about a week – who knows what else she is going to find when she eventually lodges her appeal? You can bet that this story isn’t going away any time soon folks.

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