This ‘Gold Mine’ Of Secret Emails Could Turn The Steven Avery Case On Its Head

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The state of Wisconsin has agreed to release 4000 pages of emails to the general public.

Major development in Steven Avery’s case today as it’s been revealed that the state of Wisconsin has agreed to release over 4000 pages of email correspondence between the prison service and the sheriff’s department. Anyone who has watched the series will know that there are close ties between the staff of these two institutions – with many of them actually being blood relatives – so it’s hoped that some of them may have let slip important details about the case in their contact with one another.

The emails are due to be released thanks to a request from US investigative reporter Keegan Kyle, who has been battling the prison service to get a hold of the details for the last few weeks. Now, campaigner Shaun Attwood believes that the release of these emails may be the key to proving Steven Avery’s innocence:

With so many prison staff being related to key people in the Sheriff’s department, that were part of the Avery investigation, all kinds of inside information could be revealed in these emails.

From internal communications released by the prison we already know that there are conflicts of interest so there could be explosive information in there that could blow the lid off this case.

It’s an exciting development.

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The prison service has also gone on record saying that they are ‘committed’ to providing the information to the best of their ability:

Once the information has been appropriately redacted, we would be happy to provide the information either in hard copy, for which there is a per-page fee, or in PDF form on a CD.

Once we receive your location fee payment, we will complete our work to process your request.

Hmmm. You’ve got to worry about some of those redactions, especially considering how corrupt their sheriff’s department seems to be in the documentary, and also whether they’ll even give them the emails that may have key evidence in. Still, the fact that the motion has even been granted is progress, and hopefully it will help Kathleen Zellner and whoever else is looking into the case.

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