What do you do when you get kicked off Jerry Springer for being too gross? Go to his former bodyguard Steve Wilkos’ chat show of course!

Steve Wilkos

Steve Wilkos

What do you do when you’re dumped off the Jerry Springer show for being too real? Go to the next best thing: the Steve Wilkos show (Steve Wilkos is Jerry Springer’s former bodyguard from the show if you didn’t know). This is exactly what happened to a father and daughter who are in the midst of an incestuous relationship. It was deemed too real and gross for Jerry Springer so got handed over to Steve Wilkos. Here’s a picture of Steve Wilkos in case you don’t know who he is:

Check out highlights from the Steve Wilkos show featuring the father and daughter and details of their incestuous relationship below at the bottom of this post. I wouldn’t normally highlight something as being particularly gross as I’ve normally got quite a strong stomach for this kind of thing, but this is REALLY gross – like way too gross for Jerry Springer, but I guess Steve Wilkos can handle it because he used to be a bodyguard. Although having said that, there’s a part where the incestuous couple make out for a while and even he has to look away. It made me feel like throwing up.

This was also true about the story about how they first got into contact: the girl was estranged from her father due to her family situation, so tracked him down on Myspace. Firstly, why does a father even have a Myspace account? Oh wait, check him out, he’s a bald guy with a neck tattoo (maybe not quite as bad as Mad Dog Devo, but you get the picture), that’s probably why he has a Myspace account. Who the hell even uses Myspace anymore though? Myspace is fucked, remember? I bet Steve Wilkos doesn’t have a Myspace account.

In any case, following this initial encounter, the father commented on some of his daughter’s pictures of her butt and boobs saying ‘my baby should cover up ;)’ and this led the daughter to believe the father had ‘sexual feelings for her’ and led them to begin an incestuous relationship and start fvcking each other. Gross huh? Pretty gross.

It’s kind of cute how they call each other soulmates and seem to really love each other, but then you think about it for a second and realise it’s completely gross. Steve Wilkos completely isn’t into it. The father’s mentality is a bit weird too; like he refuses to have kids with his daughter because they’ll come out retarded but doesn’t mind fvcking her. Doesn’t add up. If the Steve Wilkos show is always this good I might have to tune in more often. Check out the video below:


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