Watch Steve-O Demolish His Ankle In Three Places During Extreme Skateboarding Stunt (NSFL)


Classic Steve-O.

Steve-O has gone through the wringer and come out the other side in the years since ‘Jackass’ was first popularised, but he’s still got love for attempting absolutely ridiculous stunts that have no real regard for his personal safety.

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Over the bank holiday weekend, Steve-O thought it would be a good idea to stand on top of a porter potty with a skateboard and then try and ollie off it whilst his buddy, Tony Hawk, drove a car straight into it, smashing it into smithereens. He managed three attempts at it before his ankle got smashed into smithereens too.

Apparently Danny Way was filming it as well:

Ouch. Here’s what his ankle ended up looking like after that awkward landing:

Steve-O Ankle

Yeah that really isn’t so good is it – you think he would have learned his lesson by now though eh? I guess some things never change though because it doesn’t sound like he was that bothered about it and just headed into surgery to get it sorted out. Professional.

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