Steve Harvey Cocks Up Miss Universe AGAIN, Announces The Wrong Winner (VIDEO)

Steve Harvey just re-lived his 2015 nightmare.

Back in 2015, Steve Harvey completely cocked up his presenter role for the Miss Universe pageant, famously naming the wrong winner.

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Here’s a reminder:

It was a huge viral story at the time and made headlines everywhere. And now this weekend, Steve Harvey cocked up AGAIN:

What is it about the Philippines that just turns Steve Harvey’s brain into mush? OK to be fair, like he says, he’s just reading what’s on the teleprompter but it’s just so funny how defensive he got considering he probably still has nightmares about the same thing happening in 2015. Poor guy just re-lived the whole experience all over again.

The question is – did the Miss Universe producers set Steve Harvey up here? After all I didn’t even know Miss Universe 2019 was happening and this is the only news about it that anyone seems to be reporting. They probably just stuck the wrong name on there on purpose because they knew Steve Harvey is basically Ron Burgundy from Anchorman and would read whatever’s on the teleprompter.

UPDATE: Turns out it was just a big misunderstanding and Steve Harvey actually announced the correct winner. Confused? Via Fox:

Miss Universe Philippines Gazini Ganados is the winner of the Miss Universe 2019 National Costume competition,” a rep for the competition said. “As part of the broadcast, we also featured Miss Universe Malaysia Shweta Sekhon’s national costume. Miss Sekhon wasn’t aware we’d be announcing Philippines first, so she jumped the gun when Mr. Harvey started with that news. Mr. Harvey made a joke of it so as not to embarrass her, but no mistakes regarding the national costume winner were made by him, the prompter or production.

Fair enough. Still, pretty funny to see how quickly Steve Harvey went after the teleprompter people. Probably handed out a few slaps backstage as well.

It’s just as well because following his 2015 screw-up, they were burning Steve Harvey effigies in Colombia. Yikes.


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